sorry sorry sorry

wow, this feels weird writing this. I am sorry that it has been a month since i last wrote on here, i have lacked inspiration and school was taking up most of my life (so did anime though). There is no point to this blog entry so you don’t have to cary on but i will cary on writing for a tad longer.  Continue reading “sorry sorry sorry”

Whatever I want to write

As she climbed onto the sofa ready to go to sleep, the cold hit her legs and arms, her body temperature dropping fast. A incoherent mutter under her voice saying something like ‘damn it’ or ‘for gods sake’ escaped out of her mouth. She felt a little overwhelmed with cold as the autumn had come preternaturally. It took a little bit getting used to, the summer to autumn when Jack Frost took all the blackberries but she had done it many times before. 

Soon though, she got used to the cold leather and licked her chapped lips. This was also from the change of weather and her nose began to ran. Maybe at one point her nose felt like it was going to fall off. Who knows

The warm glow of the light above her head, lit up the dark room, making all objects visable and the nostalgic smell of her child hood came flooding back. For some reason she smelt ginger bread. Maybe it was her perfume. Who knows. 

She went to sleep. 

Up all night 

It’s 6:19am and I realised that I haven’t posted much on here lately. Tonight I stayed up all night because:

  1. I didn’t want to go to bed
  2. I wanted to watch The great British bake off

What I did do was watch the great British bake off (4 episodes intact) band I finally got round to face timing my internet friend which I am so happy about. I was a bit sceptical because maybeshe might have been a pedophile but I knew she wasn’t as on her snapchat story there was loads of pictures of her without the ‘taken on’ boarders. I trusted her. That what you need to do; to trust people. 

Anyway, after that I watched some YouTube and that brings me to now, where I am sitting right now tapping away on my keyboard, hearing the millions of clicks I type. The satisfactoriness of the clicks soothe me in a weird way. I like the IOS 10 sounds; kind of. 

Lately, I have been saying kind of and kind of liking things, maybe I like it maybe I don’t and when I say kind of some people get so protective over things that I haven’t yet specified if I like it or not. This is annoying me. I feel like if I say something wrong they will hate me FOREVER so I just stick to saying ‘kind of’ or ‘I don’t mind’

Until I write again, goodbye and good morning England as it’s now half six in the morning

-Lulu, a 13-year-old trying to figure stuff out 

I have a LOT of opinions

Hiya, so I have a lot of opinions about topics that don’t even matter that much but i always feel the need to rant about them. Opinions can be hurtful but you can’t say that your opinion is right because maybe, they don’t think in the same way as you do and their mind might not work that way either.  Continue reading “I have a LOT of opinions”


Hi guys, so I’ve been gone a long time (a month) but to be honest with you, its because I’ve been busy doing… pfff who am i kidding, i was virtually doing nothing. I was procrastinating this whole month as i didn’t know what to write on here and quite frankly i couldn’t be bothered anymore but now I;m back and i will make sure to do a post every week so It’s fair on you guys. Continue reading “Procrastination”

moving on

Moving on is difficult. Everyone knows that its tricky to let go and move on because no one likes change, not even animals really. My friend might be moving 4 hours away. She doesn’t want to leave, I don’t want her to leave but her mum and dad want to so that they can ‘live their dream’. This is difficult and sad as I don’t want her to leave because she’s been so nice to me and I wouldn’t be able to see her again. Continue reading “moving on”

hippie shop and tiger

Hey guys, I hope you have all had a fab day, tell me in the comments what you have done :). Today we went to Canterbury but my nan had to stay at home to look after Rosie. We went to a hippie shop, tiger, primark and topshop and it was a fun day out. Right now, the Olympics is on, as usual, and I’m being antisocial, as usual, so nothing has changed haha. By the way, thank you for 21 followers, it means a lot as I enjoy writing these post so I hope that you enjoy reading them. Continue reading “hippie shop and tiger”