it’s nice to start something new

Sometimes it’s difficult to write something new but when you feel inspired and you have a clear plan then it’s easy. Well not easy but its easier to type. Isn’t it nice in life that we can start again and turn over a clean page? You can leave stuff behind from your past and it will be forgotten. This of course is if you are starting something new but everyone starts something new even if you aren’t trying too.

New things can be tricky to start off with but sooner or later, you will get used to it, whether if it’s that you have to learn trigonometry because you have an exam or you have to start writing blog posts. This is what i will be planning to do for the next year (fingers crossed) because i would like to accomplish something and try something new.

One of the main reasons of why I’m starting a blog is to try it out and see what happens because anything could. Another reason i’m starting this is because i would like to be connected to the internet in more ways other than living vicariously through people who i look up too. I want to create my online existence. Even if i don’t have anything to say, i would like to just write my thoughts down for people to read and maybe understand me.

Welcome to my thoughts. 

-Lulu, a 13-year-old trying to figure stuff out


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