being alive

Okay, okay, the title may seem cheesy but being alive can be the best thing to someones day or the worst thing that could EVER happen to them. The two words ‘being alive’ create a big effect on people and their brains as not every thing goes right and they kind of want to ‘die’ or they take that they are alive for granted and want to live life to the fullest.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t want to die but to live on and keep being a child because i can’t imagine myself in ten years time. I try to picture it but i just can’t. Sometimes i have an existential crisis, which is when you think about your existence and how everyone around you is going to die at some point and after death what happens. Do we get another life? Do we get transported to another planet? If you haven’t had one yet and I’ve just opened up that dark section of your brain that was slumbering then have fun :).

My mum said one time, when we were in the car at 8:00 driving to school, that i picked up on stuff that not many people do and that i nurture my life. I had just told my mum that the small raindrops on the window were beautiful because the sun was reflecting in them. This made me happy because i would like to think of myself nurturing my life and not just wasting it.

On the other hand, there are some people who just want to end their lives. They may think this because something in their life in just really bad or they did something bad that they think that will never be forgotten. Yes, sometimes it won’t but ending your live might not be the best thing either. Somewhere out there, there is someone who loves you and cares for you. Imagine leaving them behind? To know that maybe they could have helped you some way is awful and you can’t do that to people. It hurts. The only person who i know that died was my friend from my childhood. I hadn’t talked to him in 3-4 years and it came as a shock to me but i didn’t cry. I didn’t cry because i knew that wouldn’t help anything.

So all I’m really saying is you only have one life and when that’s gone, it’s gone so take that for granted. Tell me in the comments your thoughts on being alive and hopefully i may have changed what you thought before.

-Lulu, a 13-year-old trying to figure stuff out


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