I’m annoyed 

It’s 11:09 as I’m writing this blog post, I can hear the ticking of the clock and the faint sound of my sister in the next room watching YouTube. I’m annoyed at a tiny little thing but it’s one of those things that tips you off the edge and so you lose control. It’s about my friend and it was good letting it go on the spam account. My other friend dmed me and asked if I was okay and she told me that I should talk to my other friend about it. This was really helpful and it is best to talk about things with people. However I’m still annoyed because I haven’t talked to my friend yet. 

Being annoyed is normal and I’m normally annoyed at something or another but then again I’m a teenager so it’s normal. This one thing though is so stupid and so rediculous that I should even be annoyed but I know it’s okay to be annoyed. It’s nice to vent on something like a blog so that I can get all my emotions out instead of bottling them up.

Okay so the thing that annoyed me is that I feel as though my friend doesn’t really like me anymore but another person who she hasn’t even met yet an who she’s only been talking to for a month and we have been talked for ages. This annoyed me because I hate being replaced and I feel like if I do loose her then I’ll have no one else to talk to only myself and that could drive me insane. Also on her Instagram bio she has replaced me with the person who she hasn’t met yet.

After writing this blog post and talking to my friend, I feel much better and I don’t feel as annoyed as I did when I started off.  Thanks for putting up with me

-Lulu, a 13-year-old trying to figure stuff out


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