hastings+pokemon go

I’m sorry is so late (10:09) but we basically just came back from Hastings. Lunch with my nan’s friends was nice, I had tomato soup and lemon sorbet. My mum just got a new car so we decided to go down to the seaside (which is only an hour away) and it was really nice. Because it was really hot today, it was quite warm in the evening but there was still some chilly parts of the evening. 

I had Pokemon go out and I caught loads of new things that I’d never heard of before and I went to loads of poke stops. I still haven’t hatched my 10 km egg but i need 0.3 km left until it hatches. If you have no clue what I’m talking about go search up Pokemon go on google but I’d hope you know what it is because you are on the internet. I’ve leveled up twice today so now I’m level 9,, I know, i know, its bad but i don’t go on it a lot.

It was nice at Hastings and I went with my nan, my mum and my dog. Rosie is much better now and i think it was because her back hurt from the injection she had. We had fish and chips and sat on the pebbles. There was a really nice sunset whilst we were sitting on the beach and i got a picture but my iPhone has died so i can’t upload it at the moment. When we were sitting on the beach, we saw some people go for a swim and i would have liked to do that but 1. i didn’t have my swimming costume and 2. i would have frozen to death!!!

Anyway, It’s been a really nice day and I’ll keep you updated soon. However, I’m going on holiday next week but I’ll try to find a cafe where I can post. See you tomorrow 🙂

-Lulu, a 13-year-old trying to figure stuff out


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