My dogo is sad

I woke up this morning at 9:00 because we are going to see my nans friends at 12:00. I came down stairs and my dog was sitting on the sofa shaking. Of course I went over to see her and in her eyes I saw that she was sad. This upset me because yesterday Rosie (my dog) had an injection. 

It’s 11:38 right now and I’m sitting by her but she is still sad/upset. I did leave her alone for a while butt couldn’t for long as I was scared that she was going to die or something. We have to leave her alone for 2 hours whilst we go and have lunch, I don’t want to leave her but I’m scared that it’s the last time I’ll get to see one of my nans friends. I better leave and face my fears of leaving Rosie alone. She’s 7 nearly 8 so we who’ve left her alone loads of times before so it’s not unusual but today I feel overprotective of her.

Anyway I best be off as the bus will come soon and I have to drag my 19 year old sister out of the house with me. Have a nice day and I’ll post later this evening 🙂

-Lulu, a 13 year old trying to figure stuff out

P.s. I talked to my friend about what the matter was and she said that she loves me (friendly) and that she won’t even stop being my best friend. Now I feel much better and I am wearing unicorn silver glitter eyeliner


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