my thoughts at midnight

It’s 10 past midnight when I’m writing this so I decided I would do ‘thoughts at midnight’ blog (if you like them I will be sure to keep on doing them so comment bellow if you do). I’m at my nan’s house by the sea now and I’ve already caught a rare pokemon and there is a pokestop right next to my nan’s house. FABULOUS! The Olympics are on the TV right now and I’m kinda listening but kinda not as I would like to write my blog post. I’ve been thinking a lot about death, it might be from writing the blog post before but I’m not sure when I was 12 I told my mum I had been thinking about it but she said that its normal at my age to think about it. I guess she is right. I would like to think that we stay as a child forever but I know that we don’t. This is quite sad actually.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot more, I don’t know why but I just have been. Reading is peaceful to my mind and I enjoy imagining the story and when I dream, sometimes (when I’m really engrossed by the story line) I have dreams like I’m with the characters and adventuring with them. A book series I have been reading recently is the chronicles of ancient darkness by Michelle Paver (click here to check them out). I’ve only read 3 of them as I need to buy them buy I am really, like really enjoying them. I feel as though I’m connected to Torak, Renn and Wolf and I don’t want to leave them.

My nan just turned the TV off so the only sound there is now is the pulsing hum of the fridge and me clicking and taping the keys on the keyboard. Soon there will be only the hum of the fridge but for now there are 2 sounds to focus on. I like sleeping with a background noise, whether that is just a simple buzz of something or really loud music. It soothes me and I feel as I’m not as alone.

My eyes are starting to itch and I think It’ because they are tired/sleepy. Tomorrow we are going shopping but I might stay at home and paint. I haven’t painted in a while and I would like to paint a photo I got of some sunflowers in our living room.

I am going to go to sleep now.

-Lulu,  a sleepy 13-year-old who is itching to paint


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