hippie shop and tiger

Hey guys, I hope you have all had a fab day, tell me in the comments what you have done :). Today we went to Canterbury but my nan had to stay at home to look after Rosie. We went to a hippie shop, tiger, primark and topshop and it was a fun day out. Right now, the Olympics is on, as usual, and I’m being antisocial, as usual, so nothing has changed haha. By the way, thank you for 21 followers, it means a lot as I enjoy writing these post so I hope that you enjoy reading them.

It was really sunny today, which is nice because in England, it rains all the time. I do love the rain though so I doesn’t matter what weather it is, I will enjoy it.

The first shop we went to was a hippie shop, we didn’t get anything but it was pretty rad. It smelt so good because they were burning incents sticks. I nearly got some but we had to leave. There was also a ‘grow your own weed’ thing that you put in water and it expands to a full size weed leaf. I wanted to get it for my 19-year-old sister but my mum said no and laughed. I laughed.

We went to tiger, primark and topshop afterwards, shopping in my opinion is very boring so I was yawning. However, I got a yellow/mustard jumper and some really gross fake nails, which I didn’t want but my step sister did so I got them with her from primark. When we got to tiger I was so tired but then I saw art stuff and I brought a small canvas. I early got another canvas and some more white acrylic but I decided to just get a canvas.

I’m probably boring you now so ima wrap this blog up. Also, It’s dinner now so I want to eat (lol).

-Lulu, a hungry 13-year-old trying to figure stuff out


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