I have a LOT of opinions

Hiya, so I have a lot of opinions about topics that don’t even matter that much but i always feel the need to rant about them. Opinions can be hurtful but you can’t say that your opinion is right because maybe, they don’t think in the same way as you do and their mind might not work that way either. 

Opinions are based on what you think is right, not what other people is right. So if you try to express one and someone else says ‘no that’s wrong’ say back to them, ‘It’s my opinion not yours so it’s only what I believe/ think’. Hopefully that will sort out the problem and you can carry on, if not punch them in the face and tell them to go away. Obviously that was a joke (don’t go around punching people because they don’t agree with your opinion) but just keep rephrasing that or tell them to go away if they can’t take what you’re saying.

Also, they can be expressed in different ways so DON’T DO IT IN A RUDE WAY because they will just un-friend you and maybe ignore you for the rest of your life!! and we don’t want that because I think that if you;re reading this, you have no social life because to be honest neither do I 🙂

So carry on expressing what you want to say, how you feel, what your mind thinks is right but don’t go around saying that your opinion is right and everyone else is wrong because that may not be the case. It’s better to move on from people if they can’t take your opinion as what you think as then they are stubborn and arrogant.

Be careful when expressing your opinions

-Lulu, a 13-year-old trying to figure stuff out


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