sorry sorry sorry

wow, this feels weird writing this. I am sorry that it has been a month since i last wrote on here, i have lacked inspiration and school was taking up most of my life (so did anime though). There is no point to this blog entry so you don’t have to cary on but i will cary on writing for a tad longer. 

First of all, i am sorry.Sorry for leaving you with a bad blog post and just a bad blog but i feel much better now about this all. For two months, this has just been a thumbnail in my task bar but now i have come back. I forgot about this and i’m sorry. I will probably say sorry in this a lot. Sorry.

Second, i feel like i have changed loads in the past two months but i feel like it’s a good change. Year 9 has been tough and i’m on my second term *hurrah*. I think that i have finally managed the balance between doing things i enjoy and school work even though i still am struggling. Sometimes, i want to just sleep forever and do more stuff that i want to do and then sometimes, i want to go to school to stop myself being lazy. I have also changed by the things that i do and that i’m interested in. Yesterday, i wrote a page in a notepad called “paperback faces” where i just described this girl called Brie and her room and how she feels. I will continue to write her story so that i can be engulfed in her world.

I have also changed with what i am more frequently interested in: Dan and Phil. These two names mean a lot more to me than anyone would have thought they would have and i went to their live event with my friend Cas and i met my internet friend Molly (finally). I haven’t really done anything other than that.

So.. that ends my blog post. And the next one will probably quite soon. Sorry

-Lulu, a 13-year-old, trying to figure stuff out


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