my thoughts at midnight

It’s 10 past midnight when I’m writing this so I decided I would do ‘thoughts at midnight’ blog (if you like them I will be sure to keep on doing them so comment bellow if you do). I’m at my nan’s house by the sea now and I’ve already caught a rare pokemon and there is a pokestop right next to my nan’s house. FABULOUS! The Olympics are on the TV right now and I’m kinda listening but kinda not as I would like to write my blog post. Continue reading “my thoughts at midnight”

rain w/ artycasserole

Today I haven’t really done much other than going out with artycasserole which is gonna be what I call one of my friends. We decided to meet at 2 in the afternoon as there was apparently goi g to be a storm but there wasn’t (we both love storms btw) and it was a big dissapointment. In about 10 minutes, I’m going to my nans other house by the sea which has no wifi. I know right, a disaster.  Continue reading “rain w/ artycasserole”

hastings+pokemon go

I’m sorry is so late (10:09) but we basically just came back from Hastings. Lunch with my nan’s friends was nice, I had tomato soup and lemon sorbet. My mum just got a new car so we decided to go down to the seaside (which is only an hour away) and it was really nice. Because it was really hot today, it was quite warm in the evening but there was still some chilly parts of the evening.  Continue reading “hastings+pokemon go”

My dogo is sad

I woke up this morning at 9:00 because we are going to see my nans friends at 12:00. I came down stairs and my dog was sitting on the sofa shaking. Of course I went over to see her and in her eyes I saw that she was sad. This upset me because yesterday Rosie (my dog) had an injection.  Continue reading “My dogo is sad”

I’m annoyed 

It’s 11:09 as I’m writing this blog post, I can hear the ticking of the clock and the faint sound of my sister in the next room watching YouTube. I’m annoyed at a tiny little thing but it’s one of those things that tips you off the edge and so you lose control. It’s about my friend and it was good letting it go on the spam account. My other friend dmed me and asked if I was okay and she told me that I should talk to my other friend about it. This was really helpful and it is best to talk about things with people. However I’m still annoyed because I haven’t talked to my friend yet.  Continue reading “I’m annoyed “