Hi guys, so I’ve been gone a long time (a month) but to be honest with you, its because I’ve been busy doing… pfff who am i kidding, i was virtually doing nothing. I was procrastinating this whole month as i didn’t know what to write on here and quite frankly i couldn’t be bothered anymore but now I;m back and i will make sure to do a post every week so It’s fair on you guys. Continue reading “Procrastination”


being gay is okay

I want to talk about being gay. This is because it has been in my life more since I joined my new group of friends. 2 of my new friends are part of the lgbtq+ community and they are strong-willed and don’t care what other people think of them when they do come out as being ‘gay’. I’m not gay/lesbian but I’m not homophobic either. Continue reading “being gay is okay”

being alive

Okay, okay, the title may seem cheesy but being alive can be the best thing to someones day or the worst thing that could EVER happen to them. The two words ‘being alive’ create a big effect on people and their brains as not every thing goes right and they kind of want to ‘die’ or they take that they are alive for granted and want to live life to the fullest. Continue reading “being alive”