summer in the city

hey! so summer ion the city happened i guess. it was hecking great and i got to meet a load of my favourite creators and talk to them, which was fab. on sunday i got to see dodies show even if my mum was a bit annoyed but my sister came to collect me and it made me so happy and thrilled. and so we sat outside the excel for a bit having a catch up and i hadn’t got to meet dodie and she walked past and i said to her ‘dodie! your show was brilliant’ to which she replies a thank you. then we moved on and noticed that the youtubers were talking with a small amount of fans so i went and talk to evan for a long old time and it was nice. then i met dodie for the second time (first time was ay the boncas awards) and i was shaking.

if i could of met one more person it would have been peej but i brought his pin badges and am currently wearing them.