Hi guys, so I’ve been gone a long time (a month) but to be honest with you, its because I’ve been busy doing… pfff who am i kidding, i was virtually doing nothing. I was procrastinating this whole month as i didn’t know what to write on here and quite frankly i couldn’t be bothered anymore but now I;m back and i will make sure to do a post every week so It’s fair on you guys. Continue reading “Procrastination”


hastings+pokemon go

I’m sorry is so late (10:09) but we basically just came back from Hastings. Lunch with my nan’s friends was nice, I had tomato soup and lemon sorbet. My mum just got a new car so we decided to go down to the seaside (which is only an hour away) and it was really nice. Because it was really hot today, it was quite warm in the evening but there was still some chilly parts of the evening.  Continue reading “hastings+pokemon go”

My dogo is sad

I woke up this morning at 9:00 because we are going to see my nans friends at 12:00. I came down stairs and my dog was sitting on the sofa shaking. Of course I went over to see her and in her eyes I saw that she was sad. This upset me because yesterday Rosie (my dog) had an injection.  Continue reading “My dogo is sad”