summer in the city

hey! so summer ion the city happened i guess. it was hecking great and i got to meet a load of my favourite creators and talk to them, which was fab. on sunday i got to see dodies show even if my mum was a bit annoyed but my sister came to collect me and it made me so happy and thrilled. and so we sat outside the excel for a bit having a catch up and i hadn’t got to meet dodie and she walked past and i said to her ‘dodie! your show was brilliant’ to which she replies a thank you. then we moved on and noticed that the youtubers were talking with a small amount of fans so i went and talk to evan for a long old time and it was nice. then i met dodie for the second time (first time was ay the boncas awards) and i was shaking.

if i could of met one more person it would have been peej but i brought his pin badges and am currently wearing them.



Whatever I want to write

As she climbed onto the sofa ready to go to sleep, the cold hit her legs and arms, her body temperature dropping fast. A incoherent mutter under her voice saying something like ‘damn it’ or ‘for gods sake’ escaped out of her mouth. She felt a little overwhelmed with cold as the autumn had come preternaturally. It took a little bit getting used to, the summer to autumn when Jack Frost took all the blackberries but she had done it many times before. 

Soon though, she got used to the cold leather and licked her chapped lips. This was also from the change of weather and her nose began to ran. Maybe at one point her nose felt like it was going to fall off. Who knows

The warm glow of the light above her head, lit up the dark room, making all objects visable and the nostalgic smell of her child hood came flooding back. For some reason she smelt ginger bread. Maybe it was her perfume. Who knows. 

She went to sleep.