sorry sorry sorry

wow, this feels weird writing this. I am sorry that it has been a month since i last wrote on here, i have lacked inspiration and school was taking up most of my life (so did anime though). There is no point to this blog entry so you don’t have to cary on but i will cary on writing for a tad longer.  Continue reading “sorry sorry sorry”


pictures of the world

i want to share with you some pictures that i have taken recently( by recently i mean the past year xD) Continue reading “pictures of the world”

being gay is okay

I want to talk about being gay. This is because it has been in my life more since I joined my new group of friends. 2 of my new friends are part of the lgbtq+ community and they are strong-willed and don’t care what other people think of them when they do come out as being ‘gay’. I’m not gay/lesbian but I’m not homophobic either. Continue reading “being gay is okay”